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I was laid off in November of 2012 due to role elimination. My résumé is here, and my LinkedIn profile is here.

If you'd like to know where I stand on various issues, you may wish to check out my tweets. I've also written indepth descriptions of where I stand on the following issues:

I've dedicated a whole lot of my spare time, since the summer of 2000, volunteering as the administrator and primary software designer/developer for the BRLTTY open source project. It enables blind people to use their computers via refreshable braille displays, and may be used by anyone (person or business) completely free of charge. It began on Linux, but is now also available for Android and Windows. While support for this work has never been, and still isn't being, requested, having been laid off does mean that our current income is nowhere near what it used to be. If, therefore, you consider this to be a worthwhile project and would like to make a donation in support of my work on it, we'll appreciate it very much. One way to do so is via my PayPal account.

In case you need any of my public keys, you can download them here:

I'm a Bible person:

My e-mail address is Dave@Mielke.cc