Homegrown Terrorism

How have we - the supposedly enlightened West - fallen so far? What could possibly be more evil than whole-heartedly granting our mothers the right to premeditatedly murder any baby whom they don't want and/or refuse to love?

While movements like #MeToo embody how our women no longer want to tolerate any abuse against themselves, those very same women routinely ask doctors to use weapons such as poisons, pliers, and vacuums to brutally exterminate the most innocent members of our society. Rather than seeing this as the epitome of child abuse, we insist that it's actually some kind of act of extreme compassion.

While women are demanding that we men be able to keep our desire for sex under strict control at all times, it seems that they themselves are so unable to keep their own desire for sex under control that the clinical slaughter of helpless little babies, by the millions each year, has become the only way to deal with the consequences of their foolish choices and irresponsible behaviours. Aren't bullies supposed to pick on people their own size?

It's we ourselves - not any identifiable group of foreigners - who are the real terrorists!

Dave Mielke
EMail: Dave@Mielke.cc
Twitter: @Dave_Mielke