[BRLTTY] BRLTTY 4.5 has been released.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Wed Apr 3 11:26:35 EDT 2013

I'm told that, for whatever reason, at least some people didn't see this 
announcement. Here it is, again.

Release 4.5 of BRLTTY has now been released. As usual, it can be downloaded 


Click on "Download", and then on "Current Release".

In addition to what you might normally expect, this release also contains 
initial support for the Android platform. This means that, in addition to 
Google's BrailleBack and to Code Factory's Mobile Accessibility, users now can 
begin to use BRLTTY on an Android device. The Android package file 
(brltty-4.5.apk) can be downloaded from BRLTTY's Download page, and the file 
"Documents/README.Android" within BRLTTY's source tree contains a lot of 
hopefully helpful information. Please understand that this is an initial 
release for Android, and that, as such, there are a lot of known defficiencies. 
Nevertheless, please don't hesitate to let us know of any you find as well as 
what features you'd like to see.

Here's a summary of the most significant user-facing changes that release 4.5 
of BRLTTY contains:

`General Fixes:
   The cursor routing algorithm is now usually almost as fast as it used to be.
   Speech navigation now works when braille is not being used.
   Autospeak is now forced on if speech is being used without braille.
   Autospeak no longer considers a single character to be a completed word.
   The input modifier commands now function as regular toggles.
   Hangs can no longer occur when the system clock is adjusted backward.
   Occasional delayed input with some braille devices has been resolved.
   Poor response when using USB with some braille devices has been resolved.
   Bogus Bluetooth connect errors (resource busy) have been resolved.
Alva Braille Driver:
   The key bindings for the BC models have been reworked.
   Secondary routing keys are now interpreted as though they were primary keys.
   The SecondaryRoutingKeyEmulation= parameter has been added.
Baum Braille Driver:
   The RefreshaBraille key bindings have been improved.
BrailleNote Braille Driver:
   Key bindings are now defined within key tables rather than being hard-coded.
Cebra Braille Driver:
   Bluetooth support has been added.
   Support for the Novem braille keyboard has been added.
FreedomScientific Braille Driver:
   Support for the Focus 14 has been added.
   A key binding for CLIP_COPY has been added.
   The definitions for the two Focus 40 rocker keys have been swapped.
HandyTech Braille Driver:
   Poor performance when using an Active Braille has been resolved.
HIMS Braille Driver:
   USB support for the Braille Edge has been added.
   Newer Braille Sense models, when connected via USB, are now recognized.
   Many key bindings for the Braille Sense and Braille Edge have been added.
HumanWare Braille Driver:
   USB autodetection is now supported.
IrisLinux Braille Driver:
   Removed - superceded by the Iris braille driver.
NinePoint Braille Driver:
   Cebra devices are now supported by the new Cebra braille driver.
   This driver now supports the NinePoint device.
Papenmeier Braille Driver:
   Bluetooth is now supported.
   Models EL40c, EL60c, and EL80c are now supported.
Seika Braille Driver:
   Support for the Seika 80 has been added.
Voyager Braille Driver:
   The key bindings have been reworked.
eSpeak Speech Driver:
   Now runs in a separate thread in order to improve core performance.
BrlAPI Server:
   The RetainDots= parameter has been added.
BrlAPI Client:
   Version updated to 0.6.0.
   The brlapi_writeWText() function has been added.
   The Python bindings are now compiled by Cython (rather than with Pyrex).
   Python 3 is now supported.
   A file descriptor leak has been resolved.
Text Tables:
   The fr-vs table has been updated.
Contraction Tables:
   The en-us-g2 table has been updated.
Keyboard Key Tables:
   Many bindings have been added to the laptop table.
   An initial implementation is now available.
   Runs poorly on 4.0 (ICS) but quite well on 4.1 (JB).
   Screen navigation is supported.
   See Documents/README.Android for details.

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