[BRLTTY] More issues with BrlTTY on Windows7

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Mon Jan 16 13:53:21 EST 2012

The crash seems to be caused by any Braille display key press. The Braille 
shown on the Braille display is "Preferences menu", no actual option is 
being shown.

Michael Whapples

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[quoted lines by Michael Whapples on 2012/01/15 at 17:22 -0000]

>I am encountering another issue with BrlTTY on this Windows7 64-bit system. 
>In short here are the steps to reproduce:
>1. Start BrlTTY
>2. Press the key for the BrlTTY preferences menu
>3. Press the down key on the Braille display
>Expected I would move down the options in the preferences menu
>Actual: BrlTTY crashes and Windows pops up one of those error messages 
>saying that BrlTTY.exe has stopped working.

Which menu item are you on when you press down and brltty crashes?

What if you press up? If that works, what happens if you then press down? 
I'm trying to get at is if it's only down that crashes, and if down crashes 
the time, or if the actual problem is that you're trying to move onto a
specific menu item. Another way to test this, if up works, is to repeatedly
press up till you go through all the items.

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