Key Table: BrailleMe


Default Bindings

Cursor Functions

  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line: LeftUp
  • go down one line: LeftDown
  • go to top line: Space+Dots23+Enter
  • go to bottom line: Space+Dots26+Enter
  • go up to nearest line with different content: Space+Dots13+Enter
  • go down to nearest line with different content: Space+Dots16+Enter
  • go up to nearest line with different highlighting: Space+RightUp
  • go down to nearest line with different highlighting: Space+RightDown
  • go up to first line of paragraph: Space+Dot1+LeftUp
  • go down to first line of next paragraph: Space+Dot1+LeftDown
  • go up to previous command prompt: Space+Dots13
  • go down to next command prompt: Space+Dots16

Horizontal Navigation

  • go backward one braille window: RightUp
  • go forward one braille window: RightDown
  • go backward skipping blank braille windows: Space+Dot1+RightUp
  • go forward skipping blank braille windows: Space+Dot1+RightDown

Keyboard Input

  • braille keyboard dot1: Dot1
  • braille keyboard dot2: Dot2
  • braille keyboard dot3: Dot3
  • braille keyboard dot4: Dot4
  • braille keyboard dot5: Dot5
  • braille keyboard dot6: Dot6
  • braille keyboard dot7: Dot7
  • braille keyboard dot8: Dot8
  • braille keyboard space: Space
  • backspace key: Space+Back
  • page-up key: Space+Dot3
  • page-down key: Space+Dot6
  • delete key: Space+Enter
  • function key #1: Space+Dot3+Enter
  • function key #2: Space+Dots123456
  • function key #3: Space+Dot5+LeftUp
  • function key #4: Space+Dots25
  • enter key: Enter