Key Table: HumanWare Brailliant BI 14



  • There are four thumb keys on the front. From left to right, they are: Previous, Back, Advance, Next.
  • There's an eight-key braille keyboard near the back of the top. From left to right, its keys are: Dot7, Dot3, Dot2, Dot1, Dot4, Dot5, Dot6, Dot8.
  • There's a five-way joystick between the Dot1 and Dot4 keys. The four directions are intuitively named: Up, Down, Left, Right. Pressing the joystick is named: Action.

Default Bindings

Special Modes

  • enter/leave help display: Space+Dots125
  • enter/leave command learn mode: Space+Dots123
  • enter/leave preferences menu: Space+Dots1234
  • enter/leave status display: Space+Dots234
  • set display mode attributes/text: Space+Dots145
  • set display mode attributes: Space+Dots1458
  • set display mode text: Space+Dots1457
  • set screen image frozen/unfrozen: Space+Dots124
  • set screen image frozen: Space+Dots1248
  • set screen image unfrozen: Space+Dots1247

Cursor Functions

  • go to screen cursor: Back+Advance
  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey
  • bring screen cursor to current line: Space+Dots1236

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line: Back
  • go down one line: Advance
  • go to beginning of top line: Previous+Back
  • go to beginning of bottom line: Previous+Advance
  • go up to nearest line with different content: Next+Back
  • go down to nearest line with different content: Next+Advance

Horizontal Navigation

  • go backward one braille window: Previous
  • go forward one braille window: Next

Clipboard Functions

  • start new clipboard at character: Previous+RoutingKey
  • append to clipboard from character: Back+RoutingKey
  • linear copy to character: Next+RoutingKey
  • rectangular copy to character: Advance+RoutingKey
  • insert clipboard text after screen cursor:
    • Previous+Next
    • Space+Dots1346
  • save clipboard to disk: Space+Dots13468
  • restore clipboard from disk: Space+Dots13467

Configuration Functions

  • set autorepeat on/off: Space+Dots1235
  • set autorepeat on: Space+Dots12358
  • set autorepeat off: Space+Dots12357
  • set text style 6-dot: Space+Dots235
  • set text style 8-dot: Space+Dots236
  • set skipping of lines with identical content on/off: Space+Dots24
  • set skipping of lines with identical content on: Space+Dots248
  • set skipping of lines with identical content off: Space+Dots247
  • set skipping of blank braille windows on/off: Space+Dots12
  • set skipping of blank braille windows on: Space+Dots128
  • set skipping of blank braille windows off: Space+Dots127
  • set sliding braille window on/off: Space+Dots2456
  • set sliding braille window on: Space+Dots24568
  • set sliding braille window off: Space+Dots24567
  • set track screen cursor on/off: Space+Dots2345
  • set track screen cursor on: Space+Dots23458
  • set track screen cursor off: Space+Dots23457
  • set screen cursor visibility on/off: Space+Dots14
  • set screen cursor visibility on: Space+Dots148
  • set screen cursor visibility off: Space+Dots147
  • set attribute underlining on/off: Space+Dots136
  • set attribute underlining on: Space+Dots1368
  • set attribute underlining off: Space+Dots1367

Keyboard Input

  • braille keyboard dot1: Dot1
  • braille keyboard dot2: Dot2
  • braille keyboard dot3: Dot3
  • braille keyboard dot4: Dot4
  • braille keyboard dot5: Dot5
  • braille keyboard dot6: Dot6
  • braille keyboard dot7: Dot7
  • braille keyboard dot8: Dot8
  • braille keyboard space: Space
  • braille keyboard meta: Back
  • braille keyboard control: Advance
  • type braille dots [7]: Space+Dot7
  • type braille dots [8]: Space+Dot8
  • backspace key: Dot7
  • escape key: Space+Dots26
  • cursor-left key: Space+Dot3
  • cursor-right key: Space+Dot6
  • cursor-up key: Space+Dot1
  • cursor-down key: Space+Dot4
  • page-up key: Space+Dots23
  • page-down key: Space+Dots56
  • home key: Space+Dot2
  • end key: Space+Dot5
  • insert key: Space+Dots35
  • delete key: Space+Dots256
  • function key: Space+RoutingKey
  • function key: Advance+Space+RoutingKey
  • function key: Back+Space+RoutingKey
  • function key: Back+Advance+Space+RoutingKey
  • enter key: Dot8
  • tab key: Space+Dots45
  • clear all sticky input modifiers: Space+Dots78
  • cycle the Upper sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots68
  • cycle the Shift sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots48
  • cycle the Control sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots38
  • cycle the Meta (Left Alt) sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots28
  • cycle the AltGr (Right Alt) sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots58
  • cycle the GUI (Windows) sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots18
  • switch to the previous virtual terminal: Space+Dots12367
  • switch to the next virtual terminal: Space+Dots12368
  • set braille keyboard enabled/disabled: Space+Dots13
  • set braille keyboard enabled: Space+Dots138
  • set braille keyboard disabled: Space+Dots137